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Meeting the Lord Mayor of Plymouth

Bob Brennan has pulled off a little coupe.

He has been ‘beavering’ at this for weeks, we thought he was getting no where…

Bob Brennan, musician, the composer who wrote several pieces inspired by Gordon Frickers paintings today wrote, “I have spoken to Gordon Frickers as soon as I returned home, during which conversation, he asked if he might come to meet the Lord Mayor of Plymouth at 11.30am on Friday, July 1st. (That is this coming Friday.)

I hope this will be convenient to The Lord Mayor, and hope that you see this note when you arrive at your desk on Thursday morning. Gordon is looking forward to this meeting very much. His e mail address is gordon@nullfrickers.co.uk

Please could you say what security procedures he and I need to follow for this meeting, by E mailing both Gordon and myself?

Alison took note of this request on your behalf at about 15 25hrs today, Tuesday 28th June“.


There are several issues for the Lord Mayor to think over including:

He has on his hands the only Marine Artist ever to be invited to the European Parliament.

Probably the only one from Plymouth indeed from the whole of the South Weest of England – and the regional media missed the story as did all the local galleries and the City museum!

Excellent publicity opportunity for the Lord Mayor?

The large new painting “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater is yet to be displayed in Plymouth.

Gordon Frickers has not exhibited in Plymouth for over 10 years.

Sale of prints could aide the Lord mayor’s favourite charity – as did “The Port of Chester 1863″.

For the story and pictures including with the mayor of Chester see page http://www.frickers.co.uk/blog/tag/chester/

Mind you, Chester gave the artist a civic reception at the Guildhall with over 400 invited guests attending and we sold 90 +  prints that night!

Chester Sea Scouts benefited.

Can Plymouth match of better that?

What else could be done inexpensively to better the cultural image of Plymouth and attract visitors and investment?

The Plymouth web site very poorly represent it’s painters and its museum to tourists.

A reputation might be enhanced by over seeing that?

This could easily and cheaply be dramatically improved! Currently Plymouth -could jump ahead of most British towns and cities which are lagging way behind many continental cities and towns – and missing out on tourist income…