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To Roscoff

Heavy rain this morning so a late start, not to late worried about the as I remained worried by the ignition warning light on my Vectra.

Normally I show my appreciation of the loan of the house with some gardening of similar, not much chance this morning though.

Although weeds came out of the drive easily my lack of water proof gear was bit of a handicap…

Arrived in Roscoff following the usual dispute with my TomTom GPS which recommended which as I anticipated was plain daft to anyone who knows the road Nantes to Roscoff.

Roscoff is a charming fishing village feature in this blog some years ago and little changed.

Better, the very best ‘crepes’ I know of can be eaten in comfort beside charming port views so that duly done I drove to the Ferry, Amorique for Plymouth England.  Amorique_IMG_1194_d.JPG