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How did the exhibition go?

EP_logo_2_JPEG.jpgI did not fully appreciate what I had done until after the show.

I’m being asked how did the exhibition at the European Parliament go?

Here is part of my Brussels ‘debriefing’ so probably of general interest and it certainly contains some useful hints for fellow artists.

There is a beautiful collectable booklet of the exhibition which I hope inspires you and is well worth the £12.95 plus P&P

I am now looking for other places to show.

I learnt a lot by showing at Brussels.

Some notes are below which may be of interest to you, taken from my de briefing sheet.

There is more news and of the story on this blog with pictures.

I’d say another time I’ll spend much more time on publicity and show fewer pictures.

I did well for publicity some 20 publications carried the story or at least referred to it but The Art of Gordon Frickers could have done much better.

Main reason for the impending visit to GB is to learn more about ‘marketing art’ and ‘Frickers’ as an artist brand name as opposed to selling.

The exhibition went well and looked better than I expected.

Some 500 people visited over 4 days

Sales – Too early to tell.

2 possible paintings, 2 possible print sales.

However this was not a selling environment, the EP frown on selling from exhibitions there.

You can catch the story more fully on my blog, with pictures.

That said I am already feeling the benefits of having shown there.

‘Doors’ open more easily when speaking with people re research and further exhibitions.

People are impressed and so they should be.

This is an invaluable form of recognition.

Artists are rarely invited to the EP and never before a marine artist.

I did not fully appreciate what I had done until after the show.

The collection looked truly magnificent, very up market, varied, stylish, and inspiring.

I also doubt in my life time we will again see such a collection of “Frickers” under one roof so beautifully displayed

If only because there is no way I am loading my car like that again!

There is also the matter of offering prospects to much choice.

From this experience I would say 12 to 15 paintings is plenty for a one man exhibition.

I did not fully appreciate the EP rarely show art work. I had assumed it was quite a regular event, wroooong, it is very unusual.

Professional photographer is essential.

Get good photos of all guests, it makes them feel important and may provide new contacts.

Good photo with host essential.

Photos essential for follow up publicity.

Ask for business cards and have a visitor’s book.

Not more than 20 pictures unless there is an excellent reason. 12 are enough.

Spend more time on PR and galleries less on painting.

Have follow up news ready ASAP and copy catalogue to all helpers and interested people who could not attend.

The above is too much for one person to tackle,

Add more?


Best wishes to all my fellow artists,