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Route des Bastides and old cars

CdM_May_11_IMG_0937_d.jpgVisiting fun attracting many admirers, Castelnau de Montmiral is gradually becoming, year of year better known.

Among our more interesting visitors are specialists and enthusiasts as you can see from this fine collection of vintage and veteran cars one of several groups who visit CdM each year.  CdM_cars_IMG_1160_d.JPG

The Tarn is a relatively unknown tourist destination which is slightly surprising because there is a lot to do here and a chance to see the real France, unspoilt.

How would you like to be touring this region in one of those old cars? CdM_Cars_IMG_1159_d.JPG

This reminds me, I must add the newest Tarn landscapes to the web site soon but when can I find the time…?