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Européen Parlement Exposition, Retour Interdit ~ return forbidden

EP_logo_2_JPEG.jpgMy host and children are looking a bit healthier so after taking the youngest to school in my English car I’m away from Amsterdam by 09.30 heading for another rendez – vous at the European Parliament Exhibition which Phil Ball, this time to close the exhibition.

I’m told we have been lucky, this has been the busiest week in the buildings this year and some 500 people have viewed this show, many taking booklets.

Our task takes 6 hours of steady work, to take down, package, take to the loading bay, stow and secure and generally leave the place a neat and ship shape as we found it.

It does amuse me when people imply an exhibition is simply a matter of hanging a few pictures!

Not if you do it with style!

Apart from fizzi rizzi everyone at the European Parliament loading bay staff and guards included have been as helpful as possible, thank you ladies and gentlemen all.

After which I have to 2 and a half hour drive to Watten near Dunkirk following my dodgy TomTom XL GPS so i arrive after 220.30 hoping for a quick meal and early to bed.

Gilles and Brigitte were having none of that.

A gourmet supper with fine old French wines and retour interdit demain – return forbidden tomorrow you stay with us and we give you a tour of the Opel coast of the passe de Calais (which will mean they drive and I eat more gourmet meals. Wat_IMG_1157_d.JPG

The life of an artist is full of unexpected turns and I am far to tired to resist an offer like that!

Tomorrow looks like being a good day, I wonder what I’ll see hear taste and photograph?