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News of new marine paintings

New marine paintings from the past 3 years are being posted onto the web site almost daily, the EP Expo being the catalyst, a unique event and many particularly  love the new painting “New and Old” now available as a collectors print from our Print gallery on the main web site www.frickers.co.uk.

New and Old is topical and as with many of the other new paintings from the past 3 years, recently placed on the web site.

The list of new Frickers art works posted on site can be found via the home page by clicking on the top right ‘News‘ button.

The list also shows some earlier paintings re photographed and some never shown before like the superb 30″ x 48″ “Yamaha first past the Needles“.

This year also sees the publication of 4 beautiful and collectible new prints which can be viewed in the Print Gallery on www.frickers.co.uk

From a grey mild CdM, 12 C here and 26 forecast, this has been one of if not the warmest driest spring and earliest summer on record. I hear central England had the sunniest April since records began 350 years ago.

How does this compare with where you are?