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A Grand Night Out (23 May from 19.00)

A press release for the European Parliament Exhibition “Life on the Ocean Wave“, an introduction and brief profile of the Plymouth based marine artist who spends much time painting in France.

This is the first time a marine artist has been invited to show in the European Parliament says our European Parliament Office; a unique event in the heart of Brussels.

Invited guests to the preview will include many of the 400 MEP’s and heads of department, a small but very influential audience.

This recognition of 30 years hard grind as an artist and 10 in the marine industry is the equivalent of winning the America’s Cup or a Nobel Prize.

Our host, Chairman of the Transport and Tourism Committee  Brian Simpson MEP said “Frickers merits the exhibition, he has produced some outstanding and renowned art, Frickers is widely regarded as one of the finest living marine artists”.

This exhibition will feature exclusively the Marine Art of Gordon Frickers.
The preview date is set for 23 May at 19.00.
Life on the Ocean Wave closes on the 27th of May.

Gordon Frickers was described as an ambassador for our marine environment and marine world.


A profile of Gordon Frickers, Marine Artist.

Frickers has a wide horizon.

Over some 30 years Frickers has gradually built up a reputation and client list described by Gallerie Marin, Appledore as formidable.
The Art of Gordon Frickers has produced internationally renowned and respected pictures “Roaring Forties” being a spectacular prime example and available in print signed by Frickers and Robin Knox-Johnston

There are likely to be more to come.

Frickers brings to his art a remarkably broad experience of the marine and art worlds blending professional training as an artist, photographer, shipwright, boat builder and as a sailor with extensive background research and enviable relations with a range of experts as varied as The UK Hydrographic office (Taunton), Beken of Cowes, the Keeper of HMS Victory, the Tate Gallery (Liverpool) and the University of Cadiz.

Frickers has sailed a very varied selection of craft ranging from the QE 2, Thames barges, the schooner Vagrant and the (then) world’s oldest active square rigger to cruising a Wayfarer.

Frickers paintings have many fine qualities.
They include; dynamic, full of vitality, historic, they draw the viewer to take interest and attend….

The Art of Gordon Frickers is noted for its sensitivity to light, depth and sometimes amazing colour; it has been compared favourably with the great marine masters including Montague Dawson and Marin Marie bringing the tradition from van der Velde (official marine painter to Charles II) firmly into the 21st century.

This has been achieved by constant active involvement in the contemporary marine world, constantly updated skills, with dedication and with active research in the marine world.

Frickers art education includes photography for advertising and press during his 5 years initial art training in Britain to which was added time at the painting School of Montmiral, France.
Frickers has a detailed understanding of ship and boat building having studied at Falmouth Technical College and includes 6 years as managing director of South East Boat Builders Ltd of Rye added to working with marine conservationists, around replicas and time afloat in craft as varied as 10 foot long dinghies to the world’s oldest square rigger and with Cunard line.

Along side this runs a fascination with marine people, technologies, and history in all its forms including social.

He has a long association with ships new and old examples being historical icons like HMS Victory and Zeven Provinciën (http://frickers.co.uk/marine-art/zeven_provincien_2.html).

Frickers our artist, is one of the last sailors taught seamanship by the final generation of the real sailor men of Britain.

He is also an accomplished boat builder and racing sailor.

Frickers will strike most people as very sociable and certainly articulate.

He does not only entertain but also informs you in an engaging way about topics he knows well; those include sailing as well as painting.

Frickers says he has always tried to produce the best work he can, sea pictures for sea people.
For more information on The Art of Gordon Frickers view his résumé www.frickers.co.uk/about
Or contact Gordon direct by telephone +44 1865 522435 or email info@nullfrickers.co.uk