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Frick ~ what is in a name?

“Frick” and seems to mean Herald of some one similar, a messenger, quite appropriate for a painter?

I discovered this quite recently (blog entry 03/03/11) thanks to Hans Fricker who contacted me via Skype.

My family name seems to be connected to a village in Switzerland, the village of Frick.I am being advised to change my signature, advised by a very reputable gallery in England.

It is suggested all marine painting from now is simply signed “Frickers” and all other painting is signed “Fricks”.

Fricks was my Dad’s nick name during his 7 years in the British Army.

He was comfortable with that so if it was good enough for a man who entered as  conscripted private and despite blatant discrimination by one senior officer in particular was a major by the end of his service and asked to stay on but declined.

He did not have to serve as he was in a reserved industry but like so many in those days he wanted to fight the fascism of  Nazi Germany and as those people put it, ‘do his bit’.