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New and old, of ships, paintings, photography and new prints

On the subject of photographing paintings I also finished “New and Old” this week (mentioned on this blog, with sketch 24th Feb) and have the new “Trafalgar Dawn, the French Perspective” 99% finished so you may expect to see them both appear on this blog in the next week.

Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective was first conceived as a possible idea way back around 1996 after I painted the original “Trafalgar Dawn” as part of a project to raise funds for HMS Victory.

The original Trafalgar Dawn a view from HMS Victory at 06.05 on Monday 21st October 1805 is available as a heritage collectors print, signed and numbered and a very remarkable painting it is with an amazing story of how it came to be.

Much of that story is on the web site under Further Reading:


The new version from the French flagship is completely different beinbg the opposite view except it has an identical format.

As with Trafalgar Dawn it is the result of research which now I look back is astonishing and the new Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective will make an excellent pair of prints with Trafalgar Dawn view from HMS Victory.

Advance Notice:

I expect Trafalgar Dawn along with “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater”  will be printed in June or July.

No you can’t have copy No 1, sorry it is spoken for promised to a friend in the Royal Navy who has given me much encouragement and the inspiration to overcome the difficulties of the research (even the official Admiralty report in 1913 for the King got many facts wrong…) and we already have our first enquiries for prints of Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater“; from Australia.

However if you would like to reserve one of the more valuable low numbers email Gordon Frickers now = info@nullfrickers.co.uk