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Nelson's Pickle, first news of a new painting due soon

dispatches_with_texts__1_.pngFollowing a recent order for a large copy of the picture HMS Pickle carrying the news of Trafalgar including a remarque I wrote the following to describe the remaque and reveal a little known but interesting piece of history.


The picture in question is “I have urgent dispatches“.

For the subject I have worked from the only know illustration which is very likely to show the true appearance of HMS Pickle because we know Lt J R Lapenotiere advised the artist.

We hope you will be as delighted with our new picture.

There is a story disputed by some naval scholars, not even mentioned in many books on the subject, that as Pickle crossed Mounts Bay and approached the Lizard (most southerly point of mainland Britain) she spoke with some Cornish luggers who were fishing.

This is the moment I have chosen for you and will be the subject of my next painting of HMS Pickle.


Is it a true story, fair question?

The wind that day (4th November 1805) was very light so there would have been time for the men to speak.

Pickle was well known in Cornish waters.

Aside from carrying dispatches she had hunted privateers and smugglers on that coast.

Half her crew were Cornish and Devon men including her commander thus it is likely they would be known to the fishermen.

Cornwall even to day is a ‘small’ county, some of the men may even have been related or friends.


The story tells us the luggers immediately stopped fishing and headed for home with the news.

In their case that meant the tiny port of Mousehole (pronounced ‘mawsell’ or ‘mozzel’) in the far West of Cornwall.

To this day the inhabitants of Mousehole celebrate the news of the battle of Trafalgar and death of the hero Nelson being read from the balcony of the town hall and claim there was the first place in England the news was heard.

Having lived in Cornwall and sailed those waters I am inclined to believe the story.


Indecently, HMS Pickle also appears in the Frickers painting (available in print) “Trafalgar dawn” all be it very small  and again in the new almost finished version of “Trafalgar dawn, the French perspective” (an opposite view to make a striking pair).

Although she is tiny on the horizon, Pickle following ground breaking research with all the British fleet Pickle will be named with all the British fleet in the margin of the new prints in similar style to the way all the combined fleet are named in order in “Trafalgar Dawn“.

This is true attention to small details which most people will miss but we think are important and fun do you agree?

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