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Ships that pass in the night

You may have heard about Craig Baber?
A man shall have his seasons like the leaves upon a tree…
Simon Baber was kind enough to take a few minutes during a busy day doctoring to phone me today and say Craig died last week.
At times like this I regret I am in SW France so won’t be able to attend the funeral or comfort Jill who I’m told by Simon is ‘in London’.
I don’t have an address for her.
I don’t have email for David and Barry Edwards of Fowey whom I hope are well and some times have news of via Geoff and Wendy Trebilcock who is are staunch friends.
David and Barry are also splendid people who loved Craig and Jill and since my marriage declined I have lost touch with.
In any case I’ll write to them as they also knew the Babers well.
Curiously although the Babers lived in London and at Westfield East Sussex Craig, Jill and I became quite close friends after I closed South East boat builders Ltd at Rye and left Bexhill Sailing Club to live in Cornwall.
I usually stayed with them in their Beckenham house (some of you may recall I was born in Beckenham?) when visiting London working as the official artist for HMS Victory 2005 project and dealing with or rather trying to deal with galleries.
It was always fun to visit them, we ate and drank well, they were always very congenial considerate hosts.
We shared a passion for sailing, the arts and life in general.
Craig and I did what we could to encourage and support each others careers.
It was our pleasure to host them in Cornwall and later Devon on many but too few occasions in the SW and share sailing in particular quite a few Fowey regattas.
For those not in the know, Fowey regattas were, maybe still are very special, unique among regattas…
I lost contact with them when Craig stopped sailing dinghies and because of the stress of my marriage and family life slowly painfully dying despite my best endevours to save it.
That does not mean I forgot them or that I don’t appreciate and savor the many excellent moments shared.
One of the reasons for letting you know is to say the above in particular the last sentence applies to all my good friends.
The cute little boy you see in the photos on page

http://www.frickers.co.uk/about.html finds he lives in a harsh world.

The kindness and love shown by the many people in work and play it has been my good fortune to have as friends or to work with then and now has done much to sustain me and encourage my careers as an art student, art photographer, boat builder and for the past 30 years, marine artist.
Take care of yourselves and each other, I wish all of you who read this a happy long life,
Gordon Frickers