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Many of us are following with great concern events in Egypt, a great country an amazing history and who’s often courageous people are faced with grave challenges

My favourite comment was:

Posted on Facebook by an Israeli:
“Dear Egyptian rioters, please don’t damage the pyramids.

We will not  rebuild.

Thank you.”

Speculation on the Egyptian’s future is rife ranging from Iranian backed protesters who want to see a similar state to Iran to the pro West  who want to see Egypt move into a freer more prosperous age.

While in the long run there is more at stake, Israelis of course fear their peace treaty with Egypt, honoured by both sides for some 30 years is at risk.

Maybe you will remember?
There is a tradition recounting how Jewish/Israeli ancestors who lived in Egypt for 420 years after Joseph became the first minister for the Pharaoh and ran the country very well for the good of all 420 years and before Moses.
The story dates to what some now call the bronze age.
The Bible/Torah tells the story of Jospeh and how later Pharohs became not unreasonably ‘concerned’ by the increase in the number of his decendants living in their land.
Then of Moses who with a little help from a higher authority  liberated them from what had gradually turned into servitude then slavery.
Those people, Hebrews/Jews who were destined to become Israel, they according to tradition, helped build the pyramids and many other works in Egypt.
Hence today despite Israeli fears for Egypt and the peace agreement, the joke meaning please don’t damage them, we don’t want to build them again!