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Why it's Good news, 'The Schooner Vagrant' limited edition is sold out

Good news is always very welcome here!
We have just heard a copy of “The schooner Vagrant” has reached my client in the US of A.
We are delighted our client thinks his picture looks gorgeous and for the funny puzzling postal story worth blogging.
We have been told:
>the No. 2 print has arrived, which I think was the first you sent me!
It is gorgeous!
> Now, what do we do with the second one? I would suggest that you first of all try to recover it, if it is still in the mail in the UK.
If it is in the US already, I would also take this one, paying you a compensation (we have to see how much).
> You will not believe when I tell you why this first tube took so long: IT WAS SENT TO AUSTRALIA!  –  No comment!
If he still has the packaging or delivery note I have requested please would he spare a few moments to check the consignment number and let me know?
This will enable us to be certain which of 2 posted arrived.
The first was posted as far back as 04 November 2010 and one of which is still in hyperpostspace.
The second picture was dispatched in January because the first was seriously over due.
I normally find prints sent to the USA and I’ve sent lots,  take 10 to 14 days to arrive.
Re the second posted he considerately wrote if it too arrives we need to think about : ‘paying you a compensation, we have to see how much‘.
I am well aware he did not ask for 2 copies!
If it arrives I suggested and this is only a suggestion, he pays me what he thinks it is worth to him.
Alternatively, if he has other suggestions we suggest don’t hesitate to speak out.
Re Australia; The parcel is luckier than me.
I’d love to visit Aus, never been there and probably now never will.
Like all the Aussies I have met, sailed with and worked with.
The thought occurred to me maybe the French at La Poste miss read U S A as AUS.
Not quite as daft as it first sounds.
You may be aware as the French usually speak of ‘Etats-Unis’ rather than USA or United States of America in the same way they usually speak of Grand Bretagne/Great Britain (as opposed to Little Britain = Brittany/Bretagne) or Angleterre, less often United Kingdom?
By the way you may like to know the figure in red beside the mainmast onboard the schooner Vagrant is a self portrait and several other figures are recognizable portraits including the skipper at the helm and de Savery beside him.
I have very happy memories of sailing on Vagrant (became a mate of the skipper and of working with PdS and his people, a  they were good team.
Today the original marine painting hangs in the conference room at Pendennis Ship Yard, Falmouth, Cornwall and we have one print left but it is very slightly marked.
A dent made by a piece of grit.
We don’t consider it as marketable quality but would be glad to accept a sensible offer for this now ‘sold out’  limited signed edition – watch the prices rise now!
Wishing you all years of enjoyment with the marine pictures, the Art of Gordon Frickers, marine artist and if you think I can help in any other way, don’t hesitate to ask,