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HM Schooner of war Pickle

I have Urgent Dispatches”  is a hit in New York !  72_dpi_dispatches_with_texts__1_.png

A record number of “I Have Urgent Dispatches” were sold at excellent prices to benefit the Royal Naval Museum.
Thank You Gordon, for creating such a wonderful piece..

This year marked the 205th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

The Dinner is named for HMS Pickle.

She was present at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and was first home with the news to Britain of Nelson’s victory and death in the battle.

Thus the painting is about a number of classic themes including the contrast in communication then and now.

Our correspondent wrote:
I have been meaning to report back to you regarding the three prints of “I Have Urgent Dispatches.”

They did VERY well.

(By the way, you can order your copy securely online from page


A record number of “I Have Urgent Dispatches” were sold at excellent prices to benefit the Royal Naval Museum.
Thank You Gordon, for creating such a wonderful piece..

This New York Yacht Club event has been a perennial success, with guests from the United States, Canada, England, and France.
The event is black tie or military equivalent.
(More on what Pickle night means below.)

We’ve offered one print at the New York City Pickle Night Dinner for the past three years, but this year offered three.
They were all quickly “scooped up.”
New York Yacht Club would rather not have prices revealed.

I was hoping you’d have another Pickle painting for November 2011, but in any case, we will be asking for at least one or two “I Have Urgent Dispatches”.

The Pickle story featured recently in Sea History also helped.

That generated 20-30 people at the dinner who had never been.

So, the results were excellent, and to the benefit of the Royal Naval Museum.

Thank you!

Now, do I recall that you said that it was time for a new Pickle painting?

This one is lovely, but it sounds like you will have a pretty busy year…

(A new series of Pickle paintings recording the main events during her eventful return to England is due to be completed during 2011 and some published.


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Pickle Night Dinner New York City style

Pickle success at the at New York Yacht Club

The evening commemorates the arrival of the Royal Navy schooner, HMS Pickle to Falmouth, England on 4 November 1805 with the bitter-sweet news of the annihilation of the enemy at the battle of Trafalgar and the death of Heroic Nelson.
Pickle was the second smallest vessel present at the battle of Trafalgar, and she overcame the autumnal storms and hostile ships of the Atlantic to carry Admiral Collingwood’s famous Trafalgar Dispatch safely back to Britain.

(You can read the Collingwood despatch

– “The ever to be lamented death of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson”, who, in the late conflict with the enemy, fell in the hour of victory, …-” on this web site page:


You will find it about half way down the page, right hand column.

By the way don’t forget to order your copy of “I have urgent dispatches” from about half way down page



At the dinner, Second Sea Lord and Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command, Vice Admiral Sir Alan Massey KCB CBE ADC, was principal speaker.
This was the eighth New York City Pickle Night Dinner to mark the history – changing event on 21st October 1805, the battle of Trafalgar or as the French call it, the Catastrophe de Trafalgar.

Vice Admiral Massey’s distinguished seagoing career includes command of a frigate, a destroyer and two aircraft carriers, and he served in the British Ministry of Defence on four occasions.
In 2003 he led the successful coalition amphibious assault into Southern Iraq.
His flagship is HMS Victory.
He is also Commodore of the Royal Naval Sailing Association.

British Consul-General, New York Sir Alan Stanley Collins KCVO CMG agreed to be Honorary Chairman for the event, and Chief Operating Officer of the Royal Naval Museum Graham Dobbin served as Honorary Chairman of the dinner committee.

As to the dinner, it was very successful.
We expected about 85-90 people, 115 came.
About one third of the attendees were from distant locations, from UK, the Bahamas, Canada, California, Texas, Florida, Washington, DC, Massachusetts and the New York area.
It is Very unusual for a New York YC dinner to have people travel so far.
Reports include several people saying that it was the best dinner ever.

The Nelson Society, The 1805 Club, and the Royal Naval Museum support this event.

This is an annual event sponsored by the North American Chapter of the Nelson Society, the American Friends of the Royal Naval Museum

Much of the credit this time goes to our main speaker, Sir Alan Massey, who you may know form his time as Second Sea Lord?

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