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From a frosty Shilton near Oxford.

Yesterday I visited the historic Gloucester Docks to begin researching for a possible historic port painting, to eventually go into print to form a series with others including Port of Chester and Plymouth Cattewater.

I was also interviewed by a journalist for a profile in Marine Quarterly, it was quite fun, the interview taking place over a working lunch in the pub, Tall Ship to be found at the South Dock Gate.
He, Sam Llewellyn is a clever, interesting and entertaining bloke, author of some 18 books, I felt I should be interviewing him not vice versa!
Sam wishes to use one of my paintings on the front cover of Marine Quarterly and write a profile on me.
We are designing a painting specially for his journal, the theme to be transport, sail and power, more of that soon.

Today I am at Shilton near Oxford staying with a friend who’s mother died recently so we will work n play to cheer him along his way.
Sheila, Michael’s Mother was a delightful lady who immediately made me feel part of her family, a very kind considerate person invariably cheerfull. She was the person who commissioned HMS Formidable, Seafires returning from patrol. A request for prints of this painting lead directly to the invitation to exhibit my work at the European Parliament next May.


I have also seen my friend Francoise in La Baule, she looked very well and we were both very pleased to see each other.

Crossing La Manche from St Malo, I stayed with my friends Peter and Katie Goodwin, at Portsmouth which included a chat until 03.00 in the morning mostly about naval history and ships washed drown with 2 bottles of wine and helped by his wife who is curator of Portsmouth Museum.
Peter has been curator of HMS Victory for about 20 years so is a great expert but quite unpretentious, a good man.
Then I went to Plymouth where I have been very very busy and to which I shall return at the week end.
Weather here In England is cold and often wet. I have on full thermals and have caught a chill…
Today dawned colourdully with a clear sky.
Snow is forcast soon.
Winter draws on or in my case full thermals on.
I hope you are keeping warm and well?