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With Peter Goodwin and the cutter Alert.

Monday, November 29th, 2010

We spoke in detail of Alert‘s history and of the Junon and Alert, as possible paintings prepared with the author and much respected naval historian Peter Goodwin.

This to be part of a project, a series of paintings about His Majesties armed cutter Alert.

To include Alert‘s capture of the American commerce raider, the brig  USS Lexington which operated quite successfully out of Morlais, Brittany – until she met the cutter Alert. (more…)

Marine prints, an easier way to buy

Friday, November 26th, 2010
I’m in the beautiful village of Shilton in the Cotswold hills near Oxford.
The frost has not thawed today despite a mostly clear sky.
I am in 4 layers starting with thermals and fighting off a chill, otherwise OK thank you.
We are working on various issues including redesigning the Print Gallery on my web site intending to make purchasing significantly easier. (more…)

From a frosty Shilton near Oxford.

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Yesterday I visited the historic Gloucester Docks to begin researching for a possible historic port painting, to eventually go into print to form a series with others including Port of Chester and Plymouth Cattewater.

I was also interviewed by a journalist for a profile in Marine Quarterly, it was quite fun, the interview taking place over a working lunch in the pub, Tall Ship to be found at the South Dock Gate.
He, Sam Llewellyn is a clever, interesting and entertaining bloke, author of some 18 books, I felt I should be interviewing him not vice versa! (more…)

On the Move

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
I’m in Plymouth today, have a chill and am moving to Shelton near Oxford via Gloucester today.
Heaps to add to this blog which I’ll add as soon as possible, backdating so stand by for a good read.

St Malo to Portsmouth and intrigue on HMS Victory

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

I had hoped to go to England via Dover passing through Paris and via Lille visiting La galerie peinture à Lille Galerie Vasse rue d’Esquermoise. ( )Ferry_Bretagne_at_St_Malo_IMG_8909_d.JPG (more…)

11.11, the eleventh hour of the 11th day of the eleventh month, what of it

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

In France I have seen much evidence of the solemn memorial services in every city and little hamlet, some 3 times a year including for the Invasion of Normandy in which my own Father risked his life and has left a vivid account.

France is a country that respects her dead and those who fell for France, trying to make her free and the better educated French people are keenly aware of the reasons and motives behind the past conflicts and wars.

The French see the tragedy of all wars and in particular of Europeans and westerners fighting each other and look to peace and compromise.

The French are caught in a trap now.

As good PC modern Europeans they want a quite life, high standard of living and wish the same for others.

They have the highest quality of living in Europe.

The growing French “war”  problem is the slow but steady rise of militant Islam which clearly states its mission is to convert or exterminate all non Muslims and to destroy totaly our hard won western culture.

The rise of Islam in Europe is on a day to day level very slow but stealthy; look back 25 years and it is spectacular.

25 years ago we rarely saw Arab dress here or in SW England where i then lived, now you see Muslim dress every day in city’s like Plymouth.

Drive into many towns in Southernm France and you will find yourself seeing arab men at the cafes and hear arab music blaring in many quarters.

Does that matter, in itself of course not, could even be a good thing.

So why do so many Frenchmen think there is a problem?

I can assure you it is NOT for the reasons usually given in the media.

Among today’s more alert French and there are a lot of alarmed French people who see within France a failure of democracy to cope with the growing pressure of a creed who’s priests describe Islam as “the ultimate solution to religion”.

In Germany people are being told by their premier, cultural intigration is a failure but you must (still) get used to a mosque in every German town…

Many French are beginning to ask has  the next great war has already started?

Guess what the muslim extremists answer?

The Europe you know is changing.

You have probably seen the landmarks.  But in all of these cities, sometimes a few blocks away from your tourist destination, there is another world.  It is the world of the parallel society created by Muslim mass-migration.

All throughout Europe a new reality is rising: entire Muslim neighborhoods where very few indigenous people reside or are even seen.

If they are, they might regret it.

This goes for the police as well.

It’s the world of head scarves, where women walk around in figureless tents ~ or are they all women?

Why did our fathers and fore fathers fight those wars and evolve our society, are we still willing to defend our way of life to the death if needs be?

Which in turn makes yesterdays worries about Facebook seem trivial but are they?

Facebook what to do if your account has been disabled

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Facebook, is Facebook trustworthy? Your account has been disabled. Many of us have doubts about the integrity of Facebook. If you have any questions or concerns, you are told by facebook to visit on a computer.

Slight problem the advice (see below) on the link made no difference  and I was unable to protest to Facebook by that route. (more…)

It's Pickle party Night!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

His Britannic Majesty’s armed schooner Pickle, HMS Pickle to most of us, conveying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar fought on the 21st October 1805 and the death of the British hero Nelson arrived off Falmouth, Cornwall, England on the 4th of November 1805.

This date has given rise to Pickle Night, originally an excuse for Royal Navy CPO’s at Portsmouth  to commemorate Trafalgar, increasingly an excuse world wide to party, and why not?urgent_dispatches_in_framed.jpg

The renowned painting, available in print from page have urgent dispatches” is one of 2 Pickle paintings Gordon Frickers produced while commissioned to work for HMS Victory, helping to raise funds for the restoration of the HMS Victory.

Thus this famous picture reproduced in several authoritative books and many newspapers, has several themes, sub plots including communication: (more…)