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The pickle puzzles continues…

Had an interesting comment come in recently regarding the much acclaimed marine painting in print as “I have urgent dispatches“, copies  available using PayPal via page

http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/urgent_dispatches.html and on the web site as H.M. Schooner Pickle carrying the news of the battle of Trafalgaurgent_dispatches_in_framed.jpgr.

The gentleman in question wrote:

“Until recently I knew nothing about H M Pickle but have been very interested to read information about the schooner here.

I was doing a little research to find out more about an engraving I have been given.

It is entitled Capture of the two top sail Slave schooner Bolodora by H M Schooner Pickle, Lieut I B B McHardy on the 6th of June 1829 after a chase of fourteen hours and an action of one hour and twenty minutes within pistol shot.
The image of Pickle looks the same as other images I have been able to find.

Her details are given as Tons 125, length 68ft, etc. I see from your site she was wrecked some years previously.

I wondered if she was repaired or a new schooner was built and the name kept.

So far I haven’t been able to find any technical specifications of the original schooner to compare.
The engraving is labeled Painted by W J Higgins Marine painter to his majesty and Published June 10th 1831.

I would be most interested to know if there is any knowledge of her after the wreck”.


Anyone know anything that will help our ship mate?

By the way, don’t forget, Pickle Party Night is on the 4th of November!

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