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News here, I go to England

News here, I go to England in about 2 weeks and besides business, seeing friends and shopping hope to return with an old 5 m sailing dinghy intended to be good for my mental and physical health.
Otherwise, busy as usual with marine paintings, including reworked an oldie, slightly, Admiral’s Cup racing featuring the yacht Oracle. Admiral__s_Cup_IMG_8854_28.10.10_d.jpg
I must make an effort to market my work. really though, I am much more interested in painting so need an agent, any ideas who or how please?
Its been a cool summer here in SW France and a chilly autumn so I can’t yet say if this will be a good year for wine. Autumn_vines_IMG_8784_d.JPGThanks to my good friends Herve and Francoise Boitel I managed to acquire a double bed last week so with that and the improvements Francoise has made to this house I am beginning to be quite comfortable.
Maison FB  CdM IMG_7045 d_1.jpgThis charming house is for sale although Francoise has said I can stay here until may if I wish to.
The place has a friendly ambiance and while the interior decore is a surprise the unusual style works for most people
The house does need some relatively minor finishing inside on the first floor and attic so while it is not exactly a chic place to entertain a date, it would test your date’s character and could be considered romantic and arousing.Maison FB int  CdM IMG_7046 d_1.jpg
That is when the wood pellet burning stove chooses to work. I thought I was temperamental but this stove beats me every time!

On the subject temperaments, I’m still single so fully available to party and have learnt some curious truths about being attractive on dating web sites…GF_IMG_8818_wp.JPG

Despite the disadvantages of an unfinished house I like living here and find although it has no garden, terrace or balcony, being right in the center of the village is fun, you always see what is on deck, les Arcardes being in sight and a very brief walk to the bar inevitably ensures a conversation leading to who knows what…
Give me a few more days and I’ll photograph for you to see where I work and sleep in this place, maybe write a piece on centre ville, Castelnau de Montmiral style.

Cheers shipmate,