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Trafalgar day 21.10.10

Trafalgar! A painting in progress shown here on Trafalgar day, 21st of October, the battle of Trafalgar called by the French “Le catastrophe de Trafalgar”.

The battle of Trafalgar, an event which changed world history and Napoleon Bonaparte said did not happen also saw the heroic death of the British hero Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.

Appropriately here is the battle of Trafalgar at approximately 06.20 as viewed from the French flagship; a painting in progress.TD_2_21.10.10_IMG_8792_d.JPG

I’ll tell more soon mean while you are among the very first to witness a sight unseen since eye witness times.

Subject of a long detective story the ground breaking research has finally produced as accurate an impression of the scene as we are ever likely to see…

This unusual painting is designed to be the pair for “Trafalgar dawn”,


and like Trafalgar Dawn will be available soon as a Heritage numbered signed collectors edition.TD_2_detail_IMG_8796_21.1010_d.JPG