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A moving experience?

sunset_02.10.10_IMG_8758_d.JPGYesterday closed with a classic sunset, we have an invigorating ‘reefed topsail’ day here today, sunny warm and unusual in the tranquil Tarn, an East wind gusting force 8 and 9, wonderful light and an inspiring gale for marine painting!

The past few days post the Monaco Yacht Show have been focused on looking for another place to settle; I must go down to the sea again, the lonely sea and the sky

Where to rent next, cote d’azur, Loire Atlanique, Bordeaux, Cornwall? all are possibilities and all have merits…

Yesrterday closed with an impressive sunset and to the East an impressively pink sky. dusk_east__IMG_8761_d.JPG

How to find some where to re settle, any suggestions?

Following the cold wet spell pre Monaco Yacht Show, yesterday was a beauty, warm (23 C) sunny and calm, on the be kind to yourself principal  I even managed a half hour sunbathing after lunch.

I have made a wish list of requirements, in English and French, shown below to send to my French friends and contacts.

How about writing to the English language newspaper connexionfrance.com?

I have been subscribing for some months and find connexionfrance a lively, informative factual and very helpful for an Anglais en France.

Besides current affairs and stories of experiences in France connexionfrance is a rich source of factual info for any Brit considering living in or returning from France, wishing to tackle the maze of regulations, registering in France, jobs, self employment, healthcare, road rules  and so on, recommended.

House spec wish list:

In English and French

Gordon Frickers contact via gordon@nullfrickers.co.uk or
Skype gordonfrickers
phone GB 0044 (0)1865 52 2435 / / GB M 0044 7588411720
Line de terre : Boitel maison 0563407225

I’m looking for a place for winter, at least 1 year if possible.
I’d accept a winter let following your advice to “get into the area” and be prepared to move again.

Je recherche une habitation pour au moins cet hiver, si possible pour plus….
I’m sociable so would prefere not to live in a remote place or small village,
Je  suis sociable et préfère ne pas être en campagne dans un lieu recule loin de toute animation.

Pas plus d une heure de la mer.  Un port serait idéal.

Near the sea means within an hour’s drive or less, less is better.
Within 1 hr drive of the sea, near a good beach with sea views would be better. Near a port would be good.

Send photos and description please

I would like:
•    Must have good light, essential. ~ Bonne lumière est une qualité essentielle.
•    ADSL and phone connection ~ Bonne connexion pour ADSL et téléphone
•    Safe parking for car. ~ Stationnement sécurise pour la voiture
•    Living space, kitchen bathroom, bedroom total from 75 sq m ~ Espace  habitable de 75 m2 minimum.
•    good economic heating ~ chauffage economique
•    Office & studio with good light. Studio space minimum 3 x 2.5 m &.5 sq m) ~ 20 sq m. would be better ~ Espace  habitable de 75 m2 minimum.
•    Dry storage for finished work, materials etc (frames are susceptible to damp). ~Un lieu de rangement  sec et sécurise pour les tableaux et autre matériel.
•    Parking for a dinghy on a trailer, maybe at a sailing club ~ Un lieu pour stationner un bateau de 5m avec la remorque (peut être à un club Nautique ?).
•    A proximité d une communauté juive.

D accord, quelle autre  possibilité?

What have I missed?

I thought I’d also write to Connexionfrance.com, can you suggest other places to try?
How best to look? I have some web sites:

I don’t have all or even the best ones.