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HMS Pickle, a new view, Pickle in a Pickle sails again

HMS Pickle, a new yarn to add to the thread of the renowned schooner Pickle of unlikely name and much disputed origins, the Pickle which heroically carried the news of the battle of Trafalgar and the death of Nelson (“Sir, we have won a great victory but we have lost Nelson“) is splendidly illustrated as a Heritage quality, signed numbered edition picture in “I have urgent dispatches“.
We are rarely able to see Gordon Frickers artwork in its final location so this is a treat! Pickle_2010_0815_201114_d.JPG
With special thanks to Simon Brody of the yacht “Pickle“, a yacht which you may soon agree has more reason than most to carry the proud if bizarre name of Pickle, hails from Pickle‘s home port of Plymouth Devon, we have here a rare photo of a heritage print in its final location and a charming new story about a Pickle in a Pickle.
Simon’s yacht is also named Pickle, and?
So what?
So story time;
The famous schooner Pickle being a Plymouth ship (originally named “Sting” and a cutter before purchased into the Royal Navy and converted to a schooner at Plymouth, Devonport Royal Dockyard), certainly was based at Plymouth, quite likely built at or near Plymouth as a smuggler (see my “further reading” notes on the subject or ask by email here); this despite some very unproven, unsubstantiated claims for her to have been built at Bermuda, lived 8 years in the British Royal Navy.

Those brief years  included carrying the news of one of the most momentous naval battles of all time, Trafalgar,  as illustrated so dramatically in the Gordon Frickers  picture “I have urgent dispatches“.

Simon’s yacht is called Pickle because aside from hailing from Plymouth she has a powerful connection with Devonport Royal Dockyard where you will recall, the famous schooner Pickle was based and converted.

The yacht Pickle‘s first owner was for some years the Port admiral.

The tale gets better!

He was Admiral Robert (Bob) Gerkin so (you have guessed it?) his nick name in the service was naturally pickle!

Gordon Frickers had the pleasure of knowing Bob quite well for some years.

Bob attended Gordon Frickers series of 10 2 hour interactive talks on Nelson as a role model.

Bob very kindly arranged a tour of the Dockyard for the artist who found himself with a lieutenant commander for a guide, a 4 star staff car at his disposal, and a lot of people saluting just in case he was really important, a great day out, thanks Bob!



Simon wrote:

Dear Gordon,
Here is a photo of the print of your
“I Have Urgent Dispatches” mounted in the main cabin of our Moody 35, Pickle of Millbay.
The print on the left is our
Pickle dressed overall to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch to Weymouth in August 2009.
Plenty of signal flags!

With kind regards,
Simon Brody

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