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The barque "Palmyra" built 1820

I am looking for information about the barque Palmyra, built at Calcutta 1832.
I wonder if you can help or suggest further directions to research please?

This is on behalf of a descendant of an emigrant to Australia

This “Palmyra” was contemporaneously described as –

Type             Barque
Tonnage 602 tons
Constructed Calcutta, in 1820
Construction Teak, sheathed in felt and copper in 1836.
Port of registry London
Port of Survey London
Owner G. Joad (1836-1838),  J.Somes (1838-1840)

This barque appears to have had a survey and refit in 1836, probably when changing ownership which might also have meant a change of name.

On 26th September, 1838, the Palmyra, arrived in Sydney from London after a
voyage of 136 days (the “Samuel Plimsol” did it in 75 days, and the “James
” in 65!) carrying 260 Government immigrants – plus crew – under the
command of Captain Parsons.
Its arrival was briefly noted in the “Sydney
Gazette & NSW Advertiser” of 27 September,1838, thus:” Yesterday, from
London 13th May, The barque Palmyra, with emigrants”.

If we are able to establish more on this Palmyra I’d be happy to share our discoveries.

You may be interested to know, the enquiry came about as a result of my painting the emigrant ship “Samuel Plimsol” preparing to leave Plymouth (England).
This new painting, “Plymouth Cattewater” (of the same water the Pilgrim Fathers and many other emigrants departed from) can be viewed on my blog http://www.frickers.co.uk/blog/ and has already attracted quite a lot of attention.

I painted Plymouth Cattewater for several reasons including it had to be done and as a potential centerpiece for an exhibition on marine transport next year (May) at the invitation of the European Parliament.

I am only allowed 50 guests at the EP Expo so if you are interested let me know ASAP including why and how likely you are to attend, thank you.