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The silent auction will tomorrow night at 19:00

Historic Landscape paintings of Israel.

Jerusalem, The United States Consulate will proudly present a short bio and other info about Gordon Frickers and the landscapes he painted in Israel some 30 + years ago.

As you would expect in such a dynamic country, the land of Israel has changed dramatically in the past 25 years.

What is so special here?

Despite all the political problems the people of Israel, that includes Arabs, Hebrews, Bedouin, Christians, Jews,  Muslims and others have combined to a remarkable extent in building a new vibrant culture and making the land  laid waste by 18 centuries of neglect, much of it turned to swamp and deserts,  literally bloom.

Gordon Frickers landscapes of Israel represent a marvelous record of a much neglected part of the transition of the land.

You can see some examples of this now unique landscape painting of the Holy Land on page


While many of these paintings have long since sold, there are still a few available for the astute investor.

Purchase is easy using Paypal or by bank to bank transfer.

Your purchase is covered by one of the best guarantees on the Internet


thus you can invest with confidence.


From the wasteland of previous centuries one can see the beginnings of the transformation to a modern forward looking society, a country still evolving, much maligned, not Utopian but with high ideals, a democracy unequalled in the Middle East for growth, innovation and justice for all.

High quality period paintings of Israel, the Holy land, are rare.

These paintings were “lost” for 25 years, only “rediscovered” 5 years ago by a (Christian) friend who immediately appreciated the importance of these landscape paintings.

Maybe just maybe you will be lucky enough to own one of these rare historic landscape paintings thus you share in and become part of the story of the artist and of the Holy land, Israel?