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Un des plus beaux village de France

An unexpected exhibition will run to the end of September.

Today we disconcerted and surprised Gordon Frickers by having him place a small but very special exhibition of landscape paintings of the Tarn in the beautiful Hotel des Consuls, right in the centre of the historic 13th century Castelnau de Montmiral, the Place des Arcades. Htl_des_Consuls_IMG_8337.jpg

The hotel, open all day every day is easy to find and visit, now run by the very amicable Helene and Marc Gaudechon the hotel retains its traditional character, is deseptively spacious and charming inside including a large (for Castelnau de Montmiral) private terrace and garden and a small swimming pool; room prices start from 48 Euros, tel: +33 (0)5 63 33 17 44 or view www.hoteldesconsuls.com (email: hoteldesconsuls@nullorange.fr), we unreservedly recommend this hotel.

The landscape paintings on show were all painted in the area when Gordon Frickers was experimenting with his odd colour vision, none were intended for sale yet have gained quite a following in England being noted for their colour, depth, rhythms, vibrancy and much more.Ricks__valle_de_Vere_IMG_7441_d.jpg

Sizes of these original landscape paintings from around Castelnau de Montmiral vary from15¾”x19¾” (400x500mm) to the largest on show illustrated above, 30″x40″ (762x1016mm).

Prices represent a good investment considering the artists quality and growing reputation, they range from a modest 500 Euros to 4,000 Euros for the largest.

Regretably web site illustrations can never do justice to the  subtlies, passions and sensitivity of this work.

If you like the pictures shown here you are likely to be bowled over if fortunate enough to see the originals.

Castelneau_de_Montmiral_10.01.08_IMG_2235_wp.JPGCastelnau de Montmiral, listed as Un des plus beaux village de France is a 13th century bastide village, one of several in the district including Puycelsi, Penne, Brunequel, Cordes sur Ciel and so on, which now make a facinating tour each having its own ambiance.

The bastides were originally built to protect the Northern boarder of the lands of the Count of Toulouse from the Francs and Plantagenets, the region had its own language, L’Occitane and was known as the land of gold, Languedoc.

Today the Tarn is one of the great undiscovered secrets of France.

Few tourists find their way to the Tarn yet those who do often return to this magical landscape and atmosphere.

Gordon Frickers first came here to study at the renowned Painting School of Montmiral, made friends and returns often to make impressions in his own remarkable way of some of the feelings this region engenders.Red_Bales_5_R050621JPG.JPG

There are people who think his expressive paintings of this landscape may one day be more valuable than his renowned marine painting.

The Tarn is a very rural area increasingly going bio while retaining its own traditions, little changed since the middle ages, noted for good food, inexpensive wines and friendly people.

While some l’Occitane is still spoken English is the international language and there is always some one near by who wants to practice their English and will help you with your French.

On the down side some of the local accents are quite hard to follow but this is more than compensated for by the great majority of friendly people and a marvelous social life open to all ages

If you want to know what happened to the middle ages visit the North Tarn; but a warning ~ visitors are often quickly enchanted!