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A recommendation

Re: the Painting School of Montmiral, Francis Pratt asked me a few days ago to recommend his teaching art work on his Linkedin page, I am also on linkedin.

Done, good idea, maybe you would do the same for me and include a link to my web site?

For Francis Pratt I wrote:

In brief, I would say people attending one of your courses who are not impressed with the exceptional excellence of your courses and the special knowledge available have a bigger problem than improving their art!

Your courses offer a probably unique way for artists amateur and professional to further understand their art work in a most charming environment the seductive village of Castelnau de Montmiral.

I have no hesitation in recommending you.

Having attended as a professional marine artist specialising in but by no means exclusively in marine subjects (see www.frickers.co.uk) I first attended your school when? 1989?

I found and still do that you are the most knowledgeable art teacher I have met and that includes during my 5 years study of art and photography at Uni.

Although I arrived with a good reputation and impressive list of clients which suggests I was at least good at what I did, I found you adapted quickly and provided exactly what I needed both in terms of improving my drawing skills (I have never worried about drawing since) and exceptionally, my understanding of colour and my own very rare form of colour vision.

I do not think any one but you could have done that.

Further, I have heard out of your hearing many of your other students say how much their art work benefited from working with you.

In conclusion I would like to add, you put the finishing touches on my fine art education, I use techniques you taught every time I paint and draw, or is it draw n paint?

I am delighted to have an opportunity here to in some small personal way, to publicly acknowledge your contribution to my work as a painter.

I’ll blog this too, with a link for you.

Gordon Frickers, Marine Artist.