Going for gold and the Wayfarer World Championship

Wayfarer? I was recently called a tortue and more flatteringly an etoile voyager.
An amusement is I will be in Weymouth this week end and next week. So what?
Wayfarers that’s wot!
Here is a pic of a Wayfarer I built taken guess where and when?  Are_u_ready_to_sail_wp.JPG
And on the subject of winning, going for gold,  my marine painting, one of the last marine paintings produced at Plymstock  “Going for Gold, Ben Ainslie at the Sydney Olympic games“.

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A recommendation

Re: the Painting School of Montmiral, Francis Pratt asked me a few days ago to recommend his teaching art work on his Linkedin page, I am also on linkedin.

Done, good idea, maybe you would do the same for me and include a link to my web site?

For Francis Pratt I wrote:

In brief, I would say people attending one of your courses who are not impressed with the exceptional excellence of your courses and the special knowledge available have a bigger problem than improving their art!

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Electrical Storm, stand by for a new phone number and CdM news

I’m online at the beautiful 13th century Bastide Castelnau de Montmiral for the first time in about 2 years.

The electrical problem at Itzac is a pain in the bum, some times it is not difficult to see into the future, this was obvious to me a crisis was going to happen at an inconvinient time.

Does a crisis ever happen at a convinient time? Murphy’s laws maybe you are familiar with these clearly predict?

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