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From the Plymouth Evening Herald

Cattewater painting for Brussels

HISTORIC: Marine artist Gordon Frickers finishing the painting of old PlymouthGF_n_Catte_IMG_7862_d.jpg

A PAINTING of Plymouth Cattewater showing a scene from the early 1880s is to be one of the centre pieces at an exhibition at the European Parliament.

Marine artist Gordon Frickers, from Plymouth, has been asked to submit the painting, entitled Plymouth Cattewater, which shows a clipper loading prior to her imminent departure for Australia.

It is believed Gordon will be one of very few British artists ever invited and certainly the first marine artist from Plymouth to exhibit at the Parliament building in Brussels.

Gordon said the invitation came about following an enquiry on his website, www.frickers.co.uk

“The person was looking for two prints of the marine painting “HMS Formidable, Seafires Returning” which was originally produced for a lady who’s husband had served as a pilot,” said Gordon who spent 300 hours creating the 48ins x 30ins work.

“It turned out I was speaking to a gentleman whose father had served on Formidable in WW2.

“This person turned out to be Brian Simpson, MEP with transport responsibilities.”

Brian offered Gordon the opportunity to exhibit at the European Parliament next year.

Gordon added: “I’m delighted to have been asked to exhibit the piece at such a venue.”