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Naval Book publishers for Sale

Here is a rare opportunity. If you heard about it first on this blog and buy the business don’t forget who your friend is.

To be fair I heard of this via John Hepburn, wearing his Maritime Plymouth hat. You can find John and Maritime Plymouth via~


I’d like discounted books and you can offer my marine prints, open and limited editions as part of building your business ~ done? (who said done and you have been? ahh yes Moriarty in the Goon Show).

Plymouth publisher, Mike Critchley, writes to tell us he would like to find a successor.

“Having been publishing naval books and magazines since 1979 and with my 65th birthday fast approaching it is time for me to hang up my hat here and pursue other interests.

I have three daughters totally disinterested in taking the business over – so am looking for someone else to take this very successful business over at a mutually suitable date.
My current superb staff have been with me here for between 10 and 23 years and will doubtless stay on under a new owner.

I have deliberately been doing less in recent years (but turnover last year was still a healthy £370,000)
Two people have left without replacement recently which has been ideal in a recession.

I had a full time person (in dispatch) for the busy period from September to January and will repeat that this autumn.
My office is in the grounds of my house and there is a 3 bedroom cottage here too.

It will soon be time to sell the house too and downsize.
Running a niche business in Cornwall is highly recommended.

A great place to bring up children…quality staff at local rates and an excellent quality of life too.

We are under four hours from Paddington by train.
I pay myself well..I am very happy…but still fast approaching 65!!
If the above sounds half interesting please write or give me a call on 07977 534949 (But I am In Canada from 6- 26th June).

My e mail is as above.

In the interim it’s very much business as usual here.”


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