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Plymouth Evening Herald

As a result of speaking with Ian Criddle and Nigel Overton, the Plymouth Evening Herald (circulation 250,000 +) has asked for an article on my new marine painting Plymouth Cattewater GF_n_Catte_IMG_7862_d.jpgand the offer of an exhibition at the European Parliament for which the painting is intended as a centre piece (unless some one makes me an offer I can’t refuse!).

This will make a neat  article to follow other recent publicity, BBC Radio Devon, the BBC documentary last month, “The Boats that built Britain” where I appeared as an authority on one of the ships and film featured my painting (in print see page


I have urgent dispatches” and of course the beautifl repro in Sea Breezes this month of “Glenorchy on the Thames“.

At the suggestion of David Folley, painter, we have taken some photos of the Plymouth Cattewater marine painting from the same quay used for the painting thus the back ground is… yep, Plymouth Cattewater.D_Folley_IMG_7873_wp.jpg

A busy morning expected tomorrow, mostly in Plymouth collecting repaired (I hope!!!) computer, seeing banks and last minute shopping before taking the afternoon ferry to Roscoff, France.