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Web work, web master and the Cotswolds

Staying with a good friend I have know since we were 10 years old is always a special experience, more so this time as 3 years ago Michael’s Mum was very ill in hospital and has made a remarkable recovery, so much so she was even “mothering” me when I felt I should be looking out for her!MB___Shiela_IMG_7809.jpg

To have a 91 year old Mum in such fine form is also a great tribute to Michael who is my first stop soft ware resource seeming to know the answer to almost all problems.

My web site www.frickers.co.uk has mixed reviews, some people love it others tell me it should be more focused on selling prints, originals and commissions to should be reduced to about 10 pages.

We know we have slipped in recent years down the rankings so it is over due time to upgrade.

Micheal is rather good at this sort of work, an engineer with 2 degrees in computer software.

This Micheal Baker, founder of the Micheal Baker club ( 60+ members world wide all named Micheal Baker) can be found at

Dr Michael Baker +44 20 7193 3216 www.michael-baker.com

The first change you will see is a revised home page.

Returning to the Cotswolds is always a pleasure, gentle countryside and very picturesque buildings.Cotswold_cottage__Shilton_IMG_7787_d.jpg

Of course the main reason  went was to see my friends and work on the web site, secondary, Micheal is about 50 yards from the Rose and Crown and tells me the beer needs drinking, obvilously an important task?Rose_n_Crown_IMG_7806_wp.jpg

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