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On the move

Left Falmouth this morning and drove via Truro and Bodmin to Plymouth.

Good and bad news, in Plymouth I was able to access my emails but learnt my No 2 computer is no more, it has computed its last err, probable cause voltage fluctuations while in France.FR_land_18.05.10_IMG_7528_d.jpg It seems the solution, a regulator, will cost some £200.00

Slightly better, I was able to collect the French landscapes I’d left with Adrian for some gallery directors to view.

Most of their favourite landscapes  were painted plien aire in the Foret de Sivens on hot hot days, hard graft…FR_land_18.05.10_IMG_7523_2_d.jpg

I learnt more about the gallery chain expressing interest and the sort of paintings they seem to like and why.

They like my landscape signature “Fricks” and want it to be more evident advising, many clients want to clearly see the signature as a recognisable “mark”.

Hmm, so much for modesty.

I am though only using this painting signature for landscape painting; Gordon Frickers  marine painting will continue to be classically signed “Gordon Frickers

After which I drove through some quite excitingly foul weather, flying spray and flooded roads in Devon, to reach Shilton, a beautiful village in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds where my mate Michael, my web master who delights in calling me his “oldest friend” – I do wish he would re phrase that! – lives in a romantic Chiltern stone house by the village ford.MB_House_IMG_7784_d.jpg