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A perfect day sailing?

Salcombe before 09.00!

This was to be a day off and my first sailing a 2 man dinghy as helm for some 9 years.

I’d been invited to join one of my best friends and his family.Salcombe IMG_7668 d_1.jpg

The plan was to hire a Wayfarer dinghy for the day, take the family to a beach and do a little sailing.

The hidden agenda is Chris wants me to helm his Wayfarer at the Wayfarer World Championship at the National Sailing Centre, Weymouth, July, venue of the coming Olympic (sailing) Games.Salcombe_IMG_7673_d.jpg

I really don’t want to do that and Chris really won’t accept a NO!

I am reminded of  the old joke “which part of no don’t you understand?”

Trouble is, Chris is a brother to me and totally unlike my “real” brother of whom it is best I say no more, so I find it very hard to say no to such a true and loyal friend’s request…

Picture here of the “Normandy” jetty, so called in memory of the vast fleet which sailed from peaceful Salcombe on the 5th of June 1944 in order that we could be free to write n read this blog and enjoy other freedoms too…Salcombe_IMG_7676_d.jpg

As the day (I thought predictably) turned out  maybe I should have said no?

Nah, it was fun even if it did take me 2 days to recover…

Trouble was I used to sail several times a week and was super fit, not so after 3 years inland in the Tarn…

For those who don’t know, Salcombe s a beautiul Devon village and sea port, here are some pics for those unfamiliar with Salcombe.Salcombe_IMG_7674_d.jpg

Salcombe_IMG_7675_d.jpg Salcombe_IMG_7683_d.jpg
Managed to get sun burnt on this near perfect day, even burnt parts I’d forgotten could be sun burnt (my feet and ears).
We had a fine time sailing the creeks, traching Chris’s daughter a bit of seamanship, relaxing ashore on the beach for lunch, wonderful stuff.

The end of the day was dramatic, well dramatic ish.
The toe straps broke ~ while we where both fully hiked out and with nice big rocks 25 feet to leeward.
Consequently, as you do, we simultaneously exited the boat, as you have to do under such circumstances.
I am sure I left nail marks on the fibre glass as i tried not to go overboard…
Obligingly the boat did not capsize.
Wayfarer’s as such polite helpful boats.
I found the water surprisingly refreshing if a little chilly for my tastes so despite my age, Chris is about 12 years my junior, I was first back into the boat in near record time.
I then had to recovere my “man” from the briny.
So much for all the time he spends in the gym, makes one wonder why he goes? best not ask?
I noticed we were almost on the lee shore complete with shallows and rocks, prompt action, seamanship and no panic required, happily we were soon clear and in back in blue water.
My mate’s daughter, when we returned to the “family” beach seemed to think the whole thing very amusing…
It took quite a while to dry out and warm up but made supper that evening which included good French wine and Devon lamb at the gite all the more tasty.

Consequently I was so tired I did not sleep well and was shattered next day !
I am not getting old, just out of practice, solution?
I need to live near the sea?