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Highly finished

The first evening of June saw incredibly heavy traffic around Plymouth, London Style.

Happily it did not stop me only delayed an rendez vous with a very unusual friend, artist; a painter, sculptor and an art dealer of some distinction, a man who knows what is what who is who and where!

This was a chance to gain an up to date perspective of what is happening in the” real art world” in not only but also, Britain and Europe, exchange views and ideas, discuss possibilities.

Much as I like the Tarn, a conversation like this is just not possible at least in my experience in the Tarn, no one has the breadth of experience there to match what I found in that studio in Plymouth.

I’d been invited to show my French Landscapes to the manageress of one of the very few galleries doing seriously well in these difficult times.

As you might guess, I was interested in her reaction, the more so as none of these studies were painted with selling in mind, all were painted as personal experiments, me exploring the difficulties my strange colour vision gives me and trying to learn about it.

Consequently these paintings, most not on my web site www.frickers.co.uk, are very varied in styles and subject matter. Some are still landmarks for me and I would only sell the given an offer I could not refuse.


They are unrepeatable moments for many reasons one of which is my lack of colour constancy, for me some colours can change by the nano second then as easily reverse ~ if I let them, I have learned to “cope”.

These paintings are exploring, deliberately, what happens if I turn that learning off?

We know some famous painter had colour problems,

The visual capacities of both Monet and Degas degenerated in their later years with positive effect for future generations.

But, as far as I know, correct me if you can, none tried to deliberately explore their colour response through the medium of there paintings.