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En route to England and a birthday treat


Up early ish today and loading my car including with 2 major marine paintings F 014.04.10 IMG_7258 d_1.jpg(Plymouth Cattewater and Nelson at Gibraltar 10 Dec 1796) and numerous French landscapes.

One of the objectives of this return to my home port of Plymouth is to find out how the paintings are received, perceived and valued, another is to consider suitable exhibition venues.

The marine art was produced with in mind,  next years offer of an exhibition at the European Parliament, that being as far as I know the first time a marine artist from any country has been asked to exhibit at the European Parliament, certainly the first time an artist from Plymouth has been asked.

Thus with a fairly full car, including my traveling easel, paints, and so on I left Itzac sharp on 09.00 on a gloriously sunny morning, first stop Sauternes in Bordeaux with my good friends Isabelle and Jean Marie, the mayor and mayoress of Sauternes.Decha_IMG_7581_d.jpg

I admit I love Sauternes,

You may know of Sauternes wine?

The most exclusive white wine in the world comes from Sauternes, itself a very modest village of some 650 souls.

I have visited and painted there several times as part of my “Famous Wine Villages of France” project more of that on the web site.Decha_IMG_7571_wp.jpg

You can view some of this work on page


This is a project I am looking to re start this summer partly because the villages have changed, more so because my work has matured and the new paintings will be even more fascinating.

As I was carrying, most unusually, a selection of about 40 french landscapes and 2 major marine paintings.

I was prevailed upon to show my work, not to hard, to show the art work I was conveying.

My friends know my work well, owning a landscape of Sauternes, also the town hall purchased a fine example, a painting of the town hall (and the gardens of the place de Sauternes)!

Isabelle and I had discussed my stopping as I more or less pass Sauternes on my route North, I had coffee at mid day in mind, Decha IMG_7569 d_1.jpg

Decha IMG_7572 wp_1.jpgIsabelle had other ideas…

Barbeque and birthday cake,  Decha_IMG_7576_wp.jpg surprisingly a truly  excellent Chardonnay from South Africa courtesy of Edward their son who unsurprisingly works in the wine industry and surprisingly has just returned Decha_IMG_7578_d.jpgfrom a tour working in overseas vineyards including in Chile and South Africa.Decha_IMG_7583_d.jpgDecha_IMG_7565_d.jpg

A wonderful spontaneous lunch, thank you my friends.

After a nap, onward to Bordeaux then te long haul North North North…