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French landscape painting, open ended fine art

Although my reputation is for marine painting, I am working as hard as I can on my Landscape paintings in particular those of Southern France.SP__014.04.10IMG_7212_d.jpg

I am bringing most of these originals to Plymouth on the 28th of this month for framing as I have several offers of minor exhibitions local to my French address and wish to clear some of these pictures and reduce my stock.
If they sell well I’ll paint some new versions, if not I’ll continue to focus on marine painting.

To really understand these remarkable landscapes you need to see the originals of these French landscapes and soon as things are beginning to move.

A few examples are shown here, these and more will appear in the web site soon join our free RSS feed on the home page if you wish to stay up to date.F 014.04.10 IMG_7258 d_1.jpg

I have in the past few months reviewed and re organized my collection, thus I am now able to put on exhibitions large or small much more quickly and thus economically, and am actively looking for exhibitions for this art work.
I have some 70 paintings under this heading French Landscapes.

30 of which I don’t really want to sell as they are valuable to me as points of reference which I’ll explain more about below.

While most of this sort of painting sell for between 350 and 750 these are certainly worth more to me than a modest £750…
These are the most unusual pictures I have created and are utterly unrepeatable moments because my vision  lacks stable colour constancy, part of my extra ordinary sight, as my children used to say “special eyes”.FR_land_seven_bales_18.05.10_IMG_7524_d.jpg
Of this 30, I prefer to work from them in the studio producing variants because each is an unrepeatable moment when I was working plien aire.

Originally these landscapes were painted not for sale but as pure experiments to help me explore and understand my colour vision and how it relates to “normal vision“.
My sight is most unusual including far more than what is understood by the common term colour blindness and clearly demonstrated in these paintings, I have a very forceful, powerful response to colour to which I have learnt to exclude my learnt colour responses and include some of my spontaneous and direct reactions.

The impetus for their creation was rather as developmental art, a form of open ended research into my own unique and to “normal vision people” strange colour response caused by my very odd colour vision.
All these landscapes are “interesting” more so if you see several together, some are quite exceptional and there is a lot of variety in subjects, in approach, in the very genuine and a sincere search for visual information embodied in this collection.

Previously I have not been very interested in selling these pictures as they have a reference value for me.
However, given my more nomadic lifestyle now and increasing interest in these works, it has been decided to offer some more widely (they have always sold well exclusively via Gallerie Marin, at Appledore) and see what happens.

I’d accept offers I could not refuse… and I have a tentative offer to show these unusual and in some cases very remarkable landscape paintings in New York via the owner of a chain of advertising agencies,  their destiny remains undecided.
At the other end of the scale, our local Domaine de Barry also wishes to exhibit my work during August.
They make excellent wine and their regular music and dance evenings at a very popular part of local life so it should be possible to do a deal don’t you think?…

Recently, some of the earlier studies have been brought up to date in the studio which some fine tuning and are now much more appealing.

Almost the entire collection of French landscapes has been re branded and signed “Fricks“.

This for several reasons, the principal being I intend to separate these rather special landscape paintings onto their own web site moving them away from the marine paintings where they are not having the attention they merit and are a distraction from the very fine marine art.

More on that in a moment.

I have lots of photos on this area, the Tarn many on this blog if you are interested by way of helping you imagine who I am and where I live.
We have much here in the remote North Tarn that is medieval including 2 large unspoilt forests which produce all sorts of fascinating perfumes, oils and other products and a little pharmacy in Castelnau de Montmiral which specialises in using these natural remedies and beauty products.
This area is a sort of French Robin Hood land; the people are quite anti Paris and independent!

I wish to point out,
I do not work for the Tarn Tourist Publicity Bureau!
I don’t intend to stay here much longer although I must admit the people are very amiable, have lots of parties, the food is good (Midi Pyrenees I am told grows more bio than any other region in France) the climate mostly very pleasant (Jan, Fev and August are a bit tricky) and property prices are falling fast, 30% in the last 6 months.FR_land_18.05.10_IMG_7487_d.jpg
What is in a name?
Following several people suggestions I have re branded with new signatures about 50 of my French landscapes many of which are not on my web site
I have chosen to sign them “Fricks“.
Fricks was my Dad’s nickname, he seemed fond of it.
My Dad had a 7 year stint in the British army which included D Day, camping near Caen and Montgomery’ tour to Germany.
Plus Fricks has an amusing translation in French so is likely to be memorable.…

I spent much of yesterday re photographing the art work, long job but in beautiful natural light on the warmest day so far this year, 25 C.
Now I must get some of the landscape paintings framed and more difficult, exhibited; where it will sell?

THE question, where to exhibit with the prospect of selling at prices that would encourage and help finace more of this art?

Because everything I earn is plowed back into my art, my clients can genuinely think of themselves as patrons of the art!

On the subject of status, I had today a second request for an autograph, does that make me a celebrity?

The other asked for a photo as well so maybe I’m slipping back?

Almost the entire collection of French landscapes is now re photographed and will soon be on the web site.
Prices will be based on demand and what is achievable which currently 350 to 750 depending on the picture.

On the subject of French landscapes, I have still not got my landscape pictures back from Audrey Hinks of Gallerie Marin at Appledore despite phoning (no answer, no call back), emails and writing…
Normally she is such a dear and looks after her artists, is she OK?

Mostly I’ll be looking for venues to sell while in GB. So far this year has yuk for income and the weather not much better,  but is seeing great paintings emerge,  …FR_land_sunset_18.05.10_IMG_7488_d.jpg
Meantime I am mostly painting on speculation which is of course much the same as money in the bank, which means you can spend it eventually, maybe?