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Glenorchy, published by Sea Breezes magazine

I hear from my friends at Sea Breezes magazine, “Yes we did manage to get the Glenorchy scan to a publishable quality“.G1914Glenorchy_on_the_Thames.JPG

Sea Breezes, Glenorchy the marine painting is in the June issue which is on sale today.
We had a slight problem because of the tight deadline.
I have an excellent 5″ x 4″ transparency of this beautiful marine art painting but no high resolution digital image and my Epsom Perfection 2450 scanner is currently NBG, refuses to talk to Vista.


Glenorchy is on the Sea Breezes gatefold in this issues, a rare chance to have a nice print of this classic Glen Line ship and Empire class tugs, some of the ex William Watkins,  Alexander Towing Company tugs.
You can find the picture and more text on page http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/glenorchy_thames.html.

The pop up on this page shows you the painting about life size but is not as crisp, sharp as the original consequently the colours have suffered a bit.

Of course, many of the illustrations here and on www.frickers.co.uk you can view larger than life.

Recently for your enjoyment, we have started to include a grey and a colour scale with the pictures thus if you wish to se them as close as is possible to the image we place on the web you can adjust. yourscreen.

I hop you think, still fun to see though?

The editor is would like to use more of my pictures in the future, probably “Plymouth Cattewater” featuring the crack clipper Samuel Plimsoll next.
Sea Breezes are preparing an article on the Samuel Plimsoll.
I mentioned to my friends at Sea Breezes, the exceelent new-ish Nicolette Jones book “The Plimsoll Sensation” to them (ISBN 978-0-349-11720-1).