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The Boats that built Britain, BBC 2 documentary, HMS Pickle

Great fun yesterday: the Forum Films having discovered me via this web site because of my renowned marine picture “I have urgent dispatches” and because of  my friend Ann Maddever (a decendant of the commander of HMS PicklePickle_detail_Lt_Lapentiore__commander..png made a documentary series “The Boats that built Britain” series narrated by Tom Cunliffe which was broadcast prime time (20.30) last Saturday.

If you live in GB you can see the programme via the BBC web site on their Ipod and you can add a copy of “I have urgent dispatches” to your collection quickly and securely on page http://www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html.urgent_dispatches_in_framed.jpg

The latter also gives you acces via “further reading” to much of the brief yet facinating history of the historic and famous schooner Pickle.

Unfortunately I only found out an hour before the happening via a very kind friend so have not seen it.

Unfortunate for me, I could not view The Boats that made Britain; not while in France because of BBC licencing arrangements with other countries so I’ve not seen it.

I’d like to have seen the whole series and as you probably know this year the BBC is featuring many sea and marine stories as part of a special study.

Ce la vie… I should be back in England on the 28th so maybe I’ll be able to see it then?

You can if you wish see pictures and read about the interview with Forum films in the Admiral’s Great Cabin onboard HMS Victory by visiting this bolg date 05.10.09, enjoy!