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fake his own death

050510_IMG_7409_d.jpgWeather here horrid, 4.5 C rain and sleet even a little snow.
This is the South of France in May?
Still, the vines are in leaf and I’m told they like the rain at this time of year.

Went shopping in Gaillac and rather wish I had not.
Besides the weather and returning feeling exhausted, I used Leclerc partly because it is near a shop a friend left a print machine with for repairs and some how I volunteered to collect it…
I used to be a fan of the Leclerc hypermarche chain, not any more.
Seems to me they have gradually become more expensive with many products, than their rivals, and the quality is not all it used to be.
Maybe it just seems that way as my French painfully slowly improves?
On the other hand I stopped buying vital products like wine at Leclerc a couple of years or more ago, to expensive, Aldi, Leader Price or Lidell offer much better value among the cheaper ranges of wines.
Not well this evening, going to bed early.
I ache in my back and neck and have a mal de tete, plus cough, the latter at least is a little better today but this has lasted almost a week.
I think I over did the late night working.
I find living alone it is hard to regulate my days, eat on time that sort of thing.
It’s fine to be alone once in a while but I have been mostly alone for the past 4 years and semi alone rather longer, not my idea of fun ofr my first choice…
This illness feels exactly like the illness I had last year that turned into bronchial pneumonia.
Bodds from the next house kindly made a sort of chicken soup for me, leeks, carrots, ginger and herbs, yummie, enough for 3 days.
He called it Jewish chicken soup.

It’s not the recipe my Boba used but not the less welcome for that.

In the days when doctors were even more expensive than they are today (relatively), Jewish chicken soup, a thin clear soup with a little onion, some herbs and some times a light pasta like vermicelli,  was the stand by in in my family, rather as the Scots turn to medicinal Whiskey and the French to Brandy.

Incedentally the doctor at Castrelneau de Montmiral charged last year 22 Euro for per 10 minute consultation which soon adds up…

Certainly I felt better after and tonight intend to have a little Cointreau and some chocolate mints after.
The cold  will pass in a week or so according to the predictions, as everything must pass and the rather uninspired way I’m feeling I might pass too!
Hey, then my paintings will go up in value, so why did why Robert Lencovitz fake his own death?
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What ever, I wish you healthy lives and secure investments, now I’m fed up with decongestants and paracetamol, where is  that Cointreau?

Cheers, and to finish on a brighter note, I made time to work on some painting today, landscape painting as well as marine painting.

What do you make of this?F 014.04.10 IMG_7258 d_1.jpg