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The marime painting, Samuel Plimsol, Australia bound, and progress

At last this major marine painting of the Australia bound emigrant ship Samuel Plimsoll is beginning to show the promise intended!

Getting the underlying colours and atmosphere of the painting has been quite a struggle, expensive in time, so far over 100 hours in these two prime marine paintings and materials, a whole tube of cobalt blue for example.SP_14.04.10_IMG_7207_d.jpg

There remains a long way to go and the other problem is so much time taken with essential promotions like the Antibes Yacht Show and last week helping a friend in distress.

Still, the end is at last in sight.

The ship is beginning to be rigged and other fine detail is starting to appear.

One of the sources I am using is the rigging plan of one of her rivals, Cutty Sark.

Both were Scottish ships, that is Scottish built ships,  all be it from different builders.

Incidentally there are several paintings of the famous clipper ship Cutty Sark on this web site;




One of these Cutty Sark marine paintings was for many years honoured to be shown aboard the Cutty Sark.

Meanwhile, you still have to guess, imagine how I might complete this painting, can you?

You can be sure though that soon you will be seeing for yourself the emigrants and their goods embarking for Australia’s far strand and maybe you will sense, feel taste a hint of what their lives were like and how they might have felt at such a moment? SP_det_014.04.10_IMG_7208_d.jpg


I have been using the smaller of these 2 paintings as a test piece for colours and effects then working on the larger version.

I find this saves me time, materials and there is a bonus.

We end with 2 similar yet distinctively different marine paintings!SPs__014.04.10_IMG_7223_d.jpg

The smaller is already developing it’s own character.

Besides the shipping being differently arranged, the smaller painting while lacking the grandeur of the larger version,  has a looser painterly feel in the way the paint and detail are handled.SPs__det_014.04.10_IMG_7224_d.jpg

Would you like to try clicking on the pics here and judge for yourself?SPs__det_014.04.10_IMG_7225_d.jpg