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Racing yachts, Swans in full flight.

Finished this week, a spirited marine painting of Nautor Swan yachts racing in classic style.

This fine example of marine painting (36″ x 28″)  is intended to be reserved as an exhibition piece and be offered for a modest £1,200.00; unless some one before then, makes me an offer I can’t refuse!Swans__014.04.10_IMG_7219_d.jpg

This refreshing piece of marine art started life inspired by my days in the 1990’s working for Yachting World as their prize artist ( no I was not the prize, I had to provide the prize; a painting of the winning boat, ready for presentation that evening at 18.30 ~ a bit tricky as the racing finished at 16.00 and it was a handicap event with about 60 yachts…) at various Rolex Nautor Swan European Regattas.

I am pleased to say I was the only artist Yachting World used more than once for this test of nerve…

There are several very fine examples of those paintings on this web site, mostly under Marine Gallery, yachts and super yachts.

Nautor Swans, have been around much longer and enjoy a reputation as the very best quality production built yachts.

From what I saw of these splendid yachts I’d not wish to dispute that, both externally and internally they are each one a classic boat from the moment they are complete.Swans_det_014.04.10IMG_7216_d.jpg

It gets better because I discovered the atmosphere with in the events is very amiable, competitive, competent but all the owners seem to be proud not only of their own Swan but of every one else’s too!

I was delighted to in a small way and for a short time to be a part of this happy family.SP_det_014.04.10_IMG_7218_d.jpg