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Artists social networking, blogs with an article?

What is your experience of social networking?

I had an interesting email from Dr Michael Baker  (+44 20 7193 3216  www.michael-baker.com) Sustainability Consultant – Assessment and Research.

If you have or want experience with social net working for artists, the following may be helpful, kindly leave it in the comments, we may be able to help each other.

It has just occurred to me that it might be worthwhile to join a social networking site or two.

There is an interesting blog post by an artist on the subject at: http://www.artbizblog.com/2007/09/social-networking-for-artists.html

What you are doing with social networking or are thinking of doing,  a question about social networking for artists?

One interesting comment on this article is that social networking “fuels the fire of [his/her] blog”.

Social networking for artists?  I have this  posted for discussion.
An interesting idea but does it drive useful traffic to our web sites?
Like most of the above artists, I am sociable, amicable but, have to think in terms of sales.
What I am really looking for though is the ultimate compliment, “I’ll buy it”…

On not very much evidence Michael suspects that a profile on MySpace (apparently an upcoming site for artists) and one of the specialist artist social networking sites would probably be a good idea.  Here is his initial research on about 10 specialist social networking sites.

Alexa Rank
Links in
Google PR

http://www.myartspace.com/ 141,563
1393 Artists, profile contains link to personal website

http://www.art-networks.net/ 2,218,605
Initial impression – not as good as myartspace

http://www.artition.com/ 1,669,764
Initial impression – better than art-networks, but not as good as myartspace

http://www.b-uncut.net/ 570,866
1680 Artists, profile can contain links to your website and/or blog

http://www.artween.com/ 550,297
5933 Artists, 419 Galleries, 46 Museums/Foundations – possibly better than myartspace, profile includes link to Website

http://artists2artists.com/ 1,971,542
Landing page for http://artdeadline.com/ which looks to be worth a further look

http://www.fineartamericana.com/ 17,875,716
no data