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The British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd. Anyone got photos of the BI Chantala?

The British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd. ship Chantala, a marine painting?

I’ve been asked, I would paint the BI ship Chintala”. ~ Chantala ~ I have a phone call coming in later today asking ?

I have painted quite a few BI ships including one for Robin Knox-Johnston who started his amazing career and adventures on Dumra.

You can see examples of my merchant ship marine paintings on web page


This page includes Dumra painted for Robin Knox-Johnston who said after commissioning the now famous painting Roaring Forties, “I’d love another Frickers painting ” and bless him was true to his word hence Dumra and The Clipper Way.

Do you think this enquirer means the BI ship Chantala or Chintala?

This gentleman wrote that his father sailed with the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd.

I have 2 good books on BI, one book  book lists:

1. Chantala 1920 – 1941 – P.26, 149

2. Chantala, 0950 – 1971 P. 26, 190 ~ carried 31 cadets ands deck crew, 12 passengers,

Built Barclay Curle, launched Sept 49, delivered as a cadet ship with her sister Chandpara, she was intended to vary her routes so had only had 13,000 c f of refrigerated space.

Chantala introduced the Company Britannia badge on her soft stem which became traditional to the last BI  ships.

There was great rivalry between the 2 cadet ships so the company took care that they never berthed in the same port together.. Stories and anecdotes of the cadets are legion, mostly growing with time and watering.

Chantala was in her early years employed Britain – Australia

In ‘59 both ships were altered to carry 52 cadets.

And employed on the East and South Africa and Indian routes

Both sister ships were sold Apr ‘71 to Pacific International Lines Ltd of Singapore Chantala became Kota Sentosa, scrapped 1974 by China National Metals.

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