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A successful exhibition in the Tarn

If you measure successful exhibitions by the number of people attending and pictures sold then the recent show at Castelnau de Montmiral by Claire de Soissons, Pila Lopez and Michel Bonnal   has been a success.27_Mars_IMG_7017_d.jpg

The art work shown included engraving, sculpture and photography.

I braved  a tempest to attend the last day.27_Mars_IMG_7015_d.jpg

Not a great hardship as the countryside of North Tarn is, most people think, wonderful in any weather.

The weather here is warming up and there are sighns of green in the countryside, spring flowers are springing, catkins sharing kins, blossom blossoming.

Today though we have had a strong wind, about force 8, the sort the old clipper captains described as “a good sailing breeze“, and lots of rain.

Claire is a very skilled engraver with an interest in insects, who has a large comfortable property complete with a beautiful swimming pool,  near Itzac about 10 km from Castelnau de Montmiral.

Claire is currently running, she tells me, art work shops about which I wrote in this blog on the 11th of March this year.

You might be interested?

Contact this blog or direct to Claire at de Soissons tel: 00 33 (0)5 63 33 28 63 http://clairedesoissons.blogspot.com for a brochure or enrollment.

Michel lives in Castelnau de Montmiral and the exhibition was held in his large well lite 16 century house.

Michel is a genial sculptore of growing repute who’s speciality is public demonstrations of ice carving.

Paola, is petite, charming and a very accomplished Art Photographer with a special interest in black and white printing which she has used recently to great acclaim producing a series of images of couples. Paola began to make her reputation in Brussels including photographing many of the Parliamentary VIP’s.