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2 new endorsements

Blue Funnel steamer success and The Port of Chester

The haunting marine painting of Talthybius by moonlight”, not unlike the ship in the painting has reached it’s new home port, delivered to London Yesterday.Talthybius_6_IMG_6959_d_2.jpg

And The Port of Chester? ~ more below…

The new owner wrote: “Of course you can quote, including the remarks I made of it before“. (Name by request with held)

This in reference to his previous email: “Dear Gordon,
Your painting has arrived. My friend in London who has opened it and is looking after it for the time being, he kept on saying what a good picture it its, and it will be an wonderful addition to my walls. I am very thrilled and cannot wait to see it

Of course the original Port of Chester 1863 was sold some 11 years ago so we are talking of a print order with remarque.Port_of_Chester_1863_d.jpg
You can find the picture, the explanation and stories of the painting and historic port  on page


You can order your copy paying securely on line via PayPal about, the info is half way down page:


For the remarque I drew a version of the earliest know picture of New Crane Wharf,  Chester.
My client thoughtfully wrote the following, also quoted with his permission: “Dear Gordon,
My Port of Chester remarque arrived safely today, thank you very much, both myself and my wife are very pleased with the print, and thank you for an excellent remarque.Thanks for your info. on framing, an art framing company in Saltney usually does a good job on our artwork.
J. I.

I really appreciate and am encouraged by all the endorsements I have been fortunate enough to receive.

The painter’s lot is not the easiest and at times quite isolated, my greatful thanks to all who have made the time to express appreciation of my work and service.

Happily the above endorsements will eventually join the many others on the web site.

My work is not just about trying to make a decent living, I care about giving good service and value plus many of the paintings I have been fortunate to have the ability to produce are many are proving to be of real and enduring worth.

Also, comments like those above made direct to me as in this case, on this blog in response to entries and via Linkedin are helpful in other ways.

They encourage fellow surfers to have confidence in www.frickers.co.uk and search engines like to see interactive sites which encourages traffic and improves rating.

Thus whether you buy or simply enjoy this site if you can add some  appropriate words you are helping and have made a contribution, thank you.

Gordon Frickers, Marine Artist, Art Photographer.