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An extreme week

At_Itzac__07.03.10_IMG_6995_wp.jpgEven the Tarn weather has been a bit extreme this past week as the pics here taken on successive days demonstrate.At_Itzac_08.03.10_IMG_6996_d.jpg

It has been a bit extreme for me work wise as well with less time for painting and learning French than I’d like.

The weather week opened with mild sunny days and has finished with snow and – 8 C  nights, happily my work has produced some great results.

My week has seen a tough article (fun though) to write, prints of The Port of Chester to remarque and post to clients ( you can find the info and order securely online from page


The new painting of the blue funnel steamer, “Talthybiuspainted as an exhibition piece for me to not exactly keep but well, hand on to, was sold, quite a bit of work involved there and given a day of ideal light I was able to re photograph some large paintings, see the entry for 6th of March.

I had to start the week writing a second draft of an article on Super yachts 2010 on the cote d’azur, the South of France.

I have writen for journals  before  of course but it is not my training so I find this extremely draining…

2000 words on such a great subject, wot so few?

I strayed some what over the 2000 limit but wrote in a format which will make life easy for the editior as each parragraph has a stand alone quality.


The 2010 cote d’azur super yacht “season” starts at Antibes in April.

Yachting is non stop on the cote d’azur for craft of all types however here is a taste of the life of Les grande célébrations du yachting – the great yacht events of 2010.

The cote d’azur is one of the “natural” habitats of the super yacht breed.

Your correspondant visited to the cote d’azur last year which included 11 days based at Antibes and the Monaco Yacht Show.

To write the new piece (for Sea Breezes) I was able to use material and stories I’d collected last year as the base but the fun bit was to contact some of the brilliant people I met last year and ask “Hey wotsnew?”

Very charmingly, several one way and another hoped I’d be back on the cote d’azur again this year and visit them. One, Johan  Pizzardini of the Monaco Yacht Show kindly suggested a possible subject.

The  Monaco Oceanographic museum will celebrate their 100 year in 2010; would that be an opportunity for Gordon Frickers to paint a new subject?

Nice idea great subject, who to get in touch with???

Another, correspondent showed interest in having a painting of her yacht transport ships.

This would be a wonderful subject for me, state of the art working ships carrying leisure boats.

I’ll write a piece for this blog on the cote d’azur yacht shows, in a day or to.

Given people asking to see me and the chance of some wonderful subjects for marine painting, I am considering more seriously, attending the first big event of the season, The Antibes Yacht Show