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Blue Funnel steamer sold

The new marine painting of the Alfred Holt Blue Funnel Steamer, last mentioned on this blog on the 7th of February is now complete.

Agapenor_at_Bombay__Mumbai__IMG_4643_d.jpgIt is also sold.


Now I only have one “Blue Flue” marine art left… http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/agapenor_bombay.html Talthybius_6_IMG_6959_d_2.jpg

The Blue Funnel steamer Talthybius is not even on the web site yet, sold in less than a month so I’ll show you am few details below.

The Blue Funnel ship Talthybius was  painted on speculation as a possible exhibition piece for the proposed one man show at the European Parliament.

Also because I wanted to look again at the possibilities offered by moonlight:Talthybius__det_1_IMG_6956_wp.jpg

Talthybius_det_2_IMG_6957_wp.jpgbecause I am also working on another moonlight scene, this one being in the form of two paintings of the same subject, one large one small, Plymouth Cattewater by moonlight.

The story of this major new painting is emerging elsewhere on this blog…

An offer was made, an offer which I could not refuse by a delightful gentleman who’s emails had me laughing several times,

Now I only have one Blue Flue marine painting and may have to paint another for the show.

Any Ideas for a subject?
I have two ideas, how about you, a favourite ship worth recording in a marine painting?

Meanwhile I only have Agapenor at Bombay left in my reserve collection.Agapenor_bow_detail_IMG_4646_d.jpg

I guess I had better add another Blue Funnel ship to the growing list of paintings I should get on with.

Next though will be a new version of Trafalgar Dawn, the French perspective and a new painting of the voayage of the French discoverer Laperouse plus I also need examples of new cruise and cargo ships but which to choose?