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"Ferriera" ex "Cutty Sark", "Last Departure"

This very fine marine painting was exhibited onboard Cutty Sark at Greenwich, London, exhibited at the request of  Cutty Sark‘s  then Captain, Simon Waite (photo on the web site).

This splendid marine art has resurfaced in a private collection,  it’s  owners one of whom is a decendant of Vasco da Gamma are offering “Last departure”  for sale as they are retiring and down sizing their home.Last_Departure_File0003.jpg

This marine painting (30″ x 40″) shows the moments Ferriera ex Cutty Sark left her last port with a cargo.

The story of the painting is written up on this frickers web site under marine, merchant sail.


I have a very long association with the famous tea clipper Cutty Sark.

In some ways those days influence me still.

At this moment I am working on a painting which includes one of the rivals of Cutty Sark, the emigrant and wool clipper “Samuel Plimsoll“.

By the way this marine painting’s development has been and will be over the next 6 weeks, featured on this blog.

Besides your being able to watch the painting evolve, you will be able to read some of the stories of Plymouth and the sea, centered around the painting.

If history and marine subjects interest you, then you are in for a good read!

The painting, as yet unsold, is intended as a large (30″ x 48″)  exhibition piece to be shown at Brussels (the European Parliament have kindly requested a show of my work via MEP Brian Simpson) and after at Plymouth.

The latter beacause this new marine painting will be part of Plymouth’s heritage.

Anyway, back to the plot, I visited Cutty Sark several times when a child (school outings).

To many years to think on, lets just say later, I took my son and daughter to visit Cutty Sark, hence the photo here of Helmsman Graham.Graham_on_Cutty_Sark_wp.JPG

Storm damaged in the English Channel, “Ferriera” had put into Falmouth, Cornwall, in distress.

Her crew self repaired “Ferriera” and we see her outward bound.

A happy result of this incident was Captain and Mrs. Dowman of Falmouth resolved to try again to buy the ship which in turn lead to her eventual restoration at Falmouth docks and her preservation ~ Until some careless fools let her catch fire at Greenwich…

Of “Ferriera” ex “Cutty Sark“, “Last Departure“, Brian Stewart-Brown wrote to me:

Dear Gordon,

Some years ago in the late 1980’s you sold me the above mentioned painting.

You may remember my wife is Portuguese and you thought it would be an exciting painting for us to have baring in mind she is a descendant of Vasco de Gamma, the relationship between Portugal and England” (Port wine aside, England’s oldest ally) “and that Cutty Sark had been known as Ferriera”.

Ferriera was much loved by the Portuguese and owned by them for longer than she sailed under the British “Red duster”.

Looking at your website and talking to various Art dealer friends of mine, my wife and I are wondering what the value of the painting would be today if we decided to sell it?

I would very much like to talk to you about this matter if you had a moment, my mobile number is 07713329567.

Regards Brian Stewart-Brown“.

Subsequently we spoke on the phone about “Ferriera” ex “Cutty Sark“, “Last Departure“.

Brian is seriously interested in selling this fine example of marine art, you can see a detail here and more on this web site under Marine Gallery, merchant sail.Last_Departure_detail_1.JPG

Thus if you might be interested in owning this marine painting phone Brian or you are welcome to contact me, Gordon Frickers,  via this web site.