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List of paintings for the European Parliament

Today we had very good light here and a stunning sunset with the Pyrenees in clear sight, I’m told 100 miles away…Mountain_dusk_18.01.10_IMG_6758_d.jpg
I worked on a painting of a Blue funnel steamer entering Liverpool docks by moonlight.
I also sent, big event for any artist, the requested list of paintings following the offer of an exhibition at the European Parliament, some 51 in all.

The offer came about thanks to MEP Brian Simpson with out who’s appreciation of my work this probably would never have happened.

As far as I know I am the first marine painter to be invited, the first artist from Plymouth to be invited, the first artist from Midi Pyrenees, the first from the Tarn, and certainly the first from little Itzac!

As per in my December email, I finally sent a  list as requested of pictures and of course I had to work out sizes and which frames I have that are usable thus what needs to be ordered.
It has been quite an effort to sort through the paintings and frames here, catalogue, label and re store all.
At the risk of stating the obvious, I am very pleased this task is done.
This will also be helpful given future exhibition offers.
I am slightly surprised to find how many fine marine paintings and French landscapes I have here.

It is unfortunate that The European Parliament has so little space, only 31 1 x 2 metre boards.
I could easily be sending the European Parliament another 25 medium sizes pictures to make a very fine display into a truly exceptional showing.
You may think the following  sounds like a good opportunity to be topical?
I have recommend we show my work during either European Sea Week (main day 20th May) or
IMO World Maritime Day, end of September,
If possible, I’d prefer May as September will be a busy month for big classic yacht regattas and yacht shows on the Cote d’azure all of which this year I’d like to see and paint.

In any event, I remain delighted to have the offer, a very big thank you to Brian Simpson for getting me this far.

I hope and will work for a showing, the very best I can to give, a memorable, popular and prestigious exhibition which people can be proud of.