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Samuel Plimsoll and the Cattewater, Plymouth

Making steady progress with this new painting despite numerous distractions not least the recent heavy snow which again stopped all the local traffic except 4 x4’s who compacted the snow until even they were ditch parking, hence the phrase “ditch it“? Cattewater_12.01.10_IMG_6750_wp.jpg

I have some 5 paintings on the go at present, this one at 1220 x 760 (48″ x 30″) is to be the largest.

The clickable pic (left) gives you much information re the progress, a bit more in this text below…

Since the previous wink on this painting, I have had to re structure the buildings on Phoenix Wharf and make a number of other changes to imnptove the composition.

Despite drawing out the painting on A1 and in some detail, once the work is full scale various viewing distance issues arose.

The first problem was to be able in the very restricted studio I use, to stand back a sufficient distance.

My slot of the studio has excellent light which with my odd colour vison is essential.

My problem is the viewing distance is limited to about 8 feet and at 15 to 20 feet the painting takes on an altogether different appearance.

I insist among the qualities my work aspires to is is facinating amd I hope has a WOW factor at any distance under 1/2 a kilometre.

The problem is how to achieve this?

What makes a great marine painting, of enduring worth?

More about this painting very soon!

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