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Plymouth Cattewater and the first real working day of the new decade.

The Christmas and New Year period is usually quiet on the email front so a good time to work on the marine painting, including the large  harbour scene 30″ x 48″, Cattewater, Samuel Plimsoll. Cattewater_IMG_6735_d.jpg

On the subject of which today started with a message from a fellow painter.

Of his painting he wrote: “Work not going too well. I suppose I am trying to be too clever“,  ~

In my view, nothing wrong in trying to be to clever.

It is pushing the limits and I think thus were new concepts and formulae are found.

Some times I do see some painters being overly academic or over complicated but there again the balance is sooooooooooo difficult to find…

I am reminded of Francis Pratt saying “good painting takes time, great painting takes longer“.
I find from experience and as I look ahead, this is a useful though tough mantra.
I find other visual references including visits to similar scenes, books and photo help stimulate the progress with new work.

What does it take to produce great paintings?

One of the benefits of working at Itzac is we artists here some times discuss each other’s work.

Not so helpful when one did not ask for an opinion but a small price to pay!!!
Alternatively, displacement activity can relief stress and clear the mind, a great reason (in my opinion!) to have a “petite Amie”.

I am all to aware how quickly the years are passing and I have entered the region of maybe tomorrow I die.
Of course I might live to be 90 plus but with so many people saying “it will be worth  more when you are dead” I wonder if the negative vibes might affect my health!?
I find this adds a new sense of urgency.
Thus more and more I wish to produce my best work and not muck about with more experiments, tourist painting and more “learning”, rather to apply what we know is already in me.
Happily I have produced a few famous paintings, “Roaring Forties“, “I have urgent dispatches“,  “Last departure” among them and many others meaningful to some people.

The first 2 mentioned,”Roaring Forties“, “I have urgent dispatches“, are available as time limited, numbered, signed Prestige editions from this web site ~ ask for details?

Roaring Forties” is co signed by Sir Robin Knox -Johnston so doubly rare and collectibles.


The Cattewater sketch one of a group of marine paintings on the go at present subjects including a new Trafalgar Dawn, Laperouse and super yachts (more of the others during this month) is slowly turning into what I hope will be marine art.

It is a new painting journey ~ The basic design is now complete.

Many details remain to be worked out in particular the people who will inhabit the painting.

Next is to begin to put down the colours I envisage and find how to make them best work together.
The moon rise will be based on those I have witnessed many times over the Cattewater and the most beautiful moon rise I have ever seen, last year from the beach at Hossigur.
Take longer” ~ The idea began to register as a possible painting some 15 years ago and gained real momentum over the past 3 years.

The final art work is still a long way off in terms of hours applied and days that slide by partly filled with distractions.
I begin to regard even important things like “getting organized” as displacement activity”…
Communicating with friends and prospective clients remains as ever one of my top priorities, very important, people first.
However my aim is to try to produce paintings of enduring worth.

What makes a painting, of enduring worth?


My mate asked about the Paris trip?

It is on this blog (December2009) including photos which if given a click, thanks to my brilliant web master Dr. Michael Baker and WordPress, magically enlarge, enjoy.

Press on mates, the days, hours, minutes are precious.

Wishing you all the best for the new decade, health, prosperity, friendship and love,

Paix, Joie, Santé… bonne année 2010 !

Gordon Frickers, marine artist, January 2010